Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have


I hear the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair is one hell of a party. While I’m not yet technically invited I’ve been dressing for the job I want, practicing being an exhibiting artist who gets attends all the super cool parties with loads of celebrities. The internet cannot parse desire.  When we talk about what we want, Google gives it to us now. (Hey Google, I want to exhibit and party at Art Basel Miami Beach!)  

I won’t see you in Miami this year, but you’ll be seeing me in a Google search for “Art Basel Miami Beach” soon. 

I want to be at Art Basel Miami Beach because…

Art Basel Miami is Thursday, December 5, the sister fair of the original Art Basel, North America’s most attended art fair, an annual art show held at Miami Beach, first staged in 2002, is also cutting two sectors that have been around for years, about a lot more than the fair, about Miami and Miami Beach and Florida more broadly, the epicenter of a series of contemporary art events, nearly three months away, coming near, Dec. 4-7, 2014 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, one of the most important art shows in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas, in for a feast, is back, coming to the Miami Beach Convention Center, one of the most important art fairs in the United States, a vital source for art lovers worldwide, where people come to shop for trophies and to discover the latest trends in contemporary art,  helping artists, divided into several sections, held every December, drawing collectors, curators and enthusiasts, the perfect international platform to showcase our global program to a wider audience, breathtaking, clearly the best art fair on the American continent, he favorite annual meeting place for the international art world, which draws A-List celebrities, and cultural icons, without a doubt one of the premier events in the world art scene, a Hot Event, expected to be a departure from its typically breezy tone, regularly participated,  the world’s sexiest art event, itself a reflection of the city, at the epicenter of the art world, in the jazzy newly renovated $620 million Miami Beach Convention Center, taking place this week outside of the Sagamore Hotel in Miami, the core and the tip of a comprehensive visual iceberg that is impossible to grasp in seven days, quieter, smaller affair, one of the best times for bargain hunters to find not only affordable artwork, now open to the public, sleek, graphic and uncompromising, fascinated by power and capital, known, lauded, and criticized for its manner of spectacle, a mad dash, $60 (less online), an art-fair juggernaut, an intense, thought-provoking experience with art, an art fair. 

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

What is Art Basel Miami Beach?

Art Basel Miami Beach is a Search Engine Art project of Gretchen Andrew where she manipulates the search result for her own project.

Art Basel Miami Beach is a for profit and owned privately also privately managed annual art event that is staged internationally. It takes place in Basel, Miami Beach, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Florida. They sells the artwork of well known emerging artists. This type of art platform for galleries shows and sells the artworks if they get any buyers. Large number of local and international art lovers and students comes to see the art works.

You can visit Gretchen Andrew’s website to see more about Art Basel Miami Beach art project.

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach
At Art Basel Miami Beach I will see...

History of Art Basel Miami Beach art exhibition

The art basel began its journey in 1970. It was organized by Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner and Balz hilt who were Basel gallerists. Just at the starting year the Basel was visited by 16000 visitors. They enjoyed the art works of 90 galleries of 10 countries. The number of art publishers were 30.

After 5 years the number of exhibitors were 300. The number of exhibitor countries were 21 and number of visitors were 37000.

The lead partner of Art Basel is USB from 1994. Its main partner is Art Basel Miami Beach from 2002. In 2013 the inaugural sales fair took place in Hong Kong. From Asia and Asia-Pacific region nearly half of the participating galleries came from.

Art Basel Miami Beach joined with Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 art lovers and made a crowdfunding initiative whose aim was to fund non-profit visual arts organization worldwide. Art Basel published a book Art Basel| year 44 together with Art Basel Miami Beach art show. This book covered all past 3 exhibitions.

Noah Horowitz who is an Art Basel Director Americas helped to a lot for 2015 show in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. This show exhibited 267 galleries of 32 countries. The show took 5 days and 77000 visitors enjoyed the art works. There were private collectors, curators, directors, patrons, trustees from 200 museum and Institution groups. Artists from Cambodia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Romania, Zimbabwe and Togo took part.

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

In the Art Basel Miami 2019 it is expected that in total around 83,000 art dealers, artists, collectors and aficionados will participate at Miami. This year the art Basel dates are 5-8 December 2019. Art Basel Miami tickets are available for the show. Around 20 satellite fairs, parties and art events will be held. The main art show will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. 

The spirit of Art Basel lives in venues at that place throughout Miami. It will host satellite fairs, glittering parties and events. This art week that’s become known as Miami Art Week. The art Convention Center at Miami will be the main focus exhibition place. 

In Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 art show around 268 top American galleries with art museums will participate. Art Basel Miami Beach started from 2002 and became the main art show in North America. It includes contemporary paintings, videos and art related films, drawings, sculptures, photography, digital art and installations. You can get Art Basel Miami 2019 tickets in their website. art basel Miami tickets also available in the show place also.

When is Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 will be held?

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 is held from December 5, 2019, through December 8, 2019. It is the best art show in North America and thousands of art lovers will visit the convention center. It is really exciting that the art lovers are gathering and Miami artists are already there.

Where is Art Basel Miami Beach held in 2019?

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 is at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and the address of this center is at 1901 Convention Drive, in Miami Beach. You can check out a total plan of the Miami Beach Convention center art basel tickets information and others in their website. in the year 2019 they will show lots of painting, film screenings and performance art. The place is near at Collins Park and SoundScape Park.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 – some information

At Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, the art exhibition space at the Miami Beach Convention Center is divided into different sectors. This sectors are Galleries, Nova, Positions, Edition, Kabinett, Survey, Meridians and Magazines. Art Basel galleries serve as the centerpiece of the show where international galleries showcase the work of the artists they represent.

The sectors divide the fair into separate curatorial spaces. Nova exhibits new, cutting-edge works from emerging artists and galleries. Meridians is the newest sector, curated by Mexico City-based Magali Arriola inside the convention center’s new Grand Ballroom, presenting monumental works, including large-scale sculptures, installations and performance art.

Art Basel 2019 galleries focuses on a body of work by a single artist or a themed group exhibition. Survey is dedicated to art history projects ranging from solo shows to thematic exhibitions with select galleries. There’s also a series of Conversations throughout the week ranging from panel discussions to lectures.

A Public sector that is related with art Basel Miami Beach is sited at Collins Park in collaboration with The Bass and features thought-provoking sculptures and site-specific installations. The Public sector is free and open to the public, while tickets to Art Basel at the convention center start at $65 per person.

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