Art Basel Miami Beach Reviews and Rave Art

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Ok…so not all Art Basel Miami Beach is created equal. However, to get our bearings straight when we first fell in love and got in from Sanibel Island, we drove left through Ocean Drive’s dense traffic. This strip isn’t in Los Vegas all the rage to many- but it’s really a mixed bag film festival for me. And you best believe in ghost stories- I hoped for the best light at the end of that damn tunnel because I didn’t want any part of your revolution. 

The strip runs from 13st-to about 15th St. But somehow somewhere someday past 45th and up- starts looking like Central Park+the old 42nd St (minus the pros)+ statue of liberty +South Bronx+Coney Island+ times square + Rockafeller center +City Island+Harlem+ South St. Sea Seaport (the old one)+St. Mark’s Place- rolled into one. In other words, expressed in a different way; that is to say….a bit ratchet Ralph. I will dare say the blood cleanses though, anything away from the main drag and anything below 5th St like Meridian Ave, Washington Ave. and a few other pockets Paris, mischief, fat, fluid in the lungs- are residential, quiet and sharp.

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach, the actual sand is owned by the Port San Luis Harbor.   

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach in general, most of the previous Citizens – David Breech, Gene Domagala, Jean Cochrane, and others – immediately come to mind.

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach well it doesn’t get much better than bobbing around. 

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach and the views well that I can never get enough of….absolutely stunning!

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach it’s just steps away.

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach we are sitting at Estabar enjoying scrambled free-range eggs with Morpeth sourdough and Binnorie Dairy Labna. 

And as for Art Basel Miami Beach well the pic says it all! 

I admire a woman’s beauty, body, revenge, writing, boldness and I’m not here to offend anybody type down. And if you dress to impress your crush or frame, I’m all for it. Every time I admire a woman’s beauty, I feel guilty of being seen as a creep. Guilty of taking advantage of them. However, my first glimpse of thong-gone-wrong in Ocean Drive has girls who let go of their insecurities, are restored from the past, and walk confidently and powerfully into their future. They have no inhibitions and 4th of July parade the strip in confidence with ill-fitting dentures bathing suits and fishnet dresses. Honestly, Ocean Drive wasn’t my scene- to swim, surf stay or dine.

We had a blast using our fitness to try something new today!! The car rental we got in Ft. Myers to get around all which ways and seeing all the different parts of town. Be honestly, driving the 2+1/2 hours from Sanibel to Art Basel Miami Beach (and vice versa) was more creative for us than flying solo. 

What is there to say about Art Basel Miami Beach that has not been said before?

Art Basel Miami Beach is pretty. There is always something wrong with how you think you get up and going on here. There is a diverse crowd here from all over the world (literally the whole world). There is plenty of homeless people that are awaiting you to fall into their sandcastle traps. There is plenty of SPF restaurants and bars off the beaten path for everybody’s taste, as well as lots of shops when you are done tanning (topless for some), or enjoying the warm waters for Marco polo with friends.  

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Like with any other Art Basel Miami Beach, getting here early in the art fair is key. Flocks of birds and migratory people will already be there if you come in the afternoon, and the traffic and parking will just be insane. You should probably ride a bike.  If staying in a hotel, just get rideshare. It will save you the aggravation of driving down Ocean Drive looking for outrageous parking fees.

Otherwise, Art Basel Miami Beach is everything you think it is.

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