Art Basel Miami Beach 8

10 most basic rules for Art Basel Miami Beach for navigation

How you can get the best while staying at Miami this time

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach
  1. Have comfortable footwear: Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 will have 269 exhibitors. The art exhibitions have 25 satellite fairs. It is not mentioned events at galleries, museums and private collections. Then you have parties and later more and more parties so a comfortable footware will help you a lot.
  2. Prepare a suitable art visiting plan: There’s a lot of art works you have to visit. It is obvious that you can’t see all of them. You should not try them too. It is better if you make a nice plan that which images you want to visit and which one you don’t. only then you can see them nicely.
Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach
  1. You should avoid fair-tigue. If you are starting to lose the ability to make the difference between good and bad art work? Do you think all painting, sculpture, and installation are turning into a convoluted blob? Then it will be better not to buy any art work. You should take a break and should have a strong drink and you’ll be good like before in short time.
  2. You should not be timid: Art Basel Miami art fair is a great opportunity to develop relationships with artist and art dealers and who are involved with galleries. You should be curious, and should ask questions, and you should be confident. Here you will find some dealers may appear unapproachable and it is, they are always happy to talk about their artists.
  3. It is better if you drink less: Always keep in mind that you have come to do lots of work and networking. So don’t be lost in wine and stumble to your hotel at mid night.
Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach
  1. In Art Basel Miami Beach Try to be open as much possible: Always take the chance to learn about and gather more experience about new genres, ideas, artists, and galleries. Better you can ask yourself what the artist was trying to ‘say’ in his artwork. You should be open of changing your expectations on what art is and what it should look like. My little child could have make better art than this one – you should never have this type of thinking.
  2. Always research on art: You are there in Art Basel Miami Beach with hundreds of art lovers. So always try to learn something new. Always update your ideas on art.
  3. Visit the right parties: Remember that all parties are not created equally. It depends on how you are looking at them. Make sure that you’re name is in the serial otherwise you will not get a chance.
  4. Post your work on Instagram: It is important to post your artwork on Instagram. It helps other to know more about them when you post them in Instagram and other social media or art related sites.
  5. Enjoy the art Basel Miami Beach exhibition: It’s known as the art world’s best time. beside your art work and other works in Miami Beach you should enjoy as well outside of the exhibition. Just don’t be so engaged with the art work only, you have your life outside it too.

Hope your art Basel Miami beach exhibition time will have lots of fun!!

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