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What is Art Basel Miami Beach?

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel 2019 Miami is an international art fair. This fair is hosted annually in Basel, Switzerland, Miami Beach and at Hong Kong. This art show was launched in 1970. The main initiatives were taken by Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner and Balz Hilt. All the art events were mainly designed to showcase the art work of emerging contemporary artists. They are bringing together galleries, collectors and members of the public.

It has evolved into the highlight of annual arts calendar and places of who’s who of the art world. It expanded to Miami in 2002 and to Hong Kong in 2013.


New events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

This is the 18th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. This time it will showcase more US and Latin American exhibitors than ever. About half of the exhibitors have come from North America and the number is 269. A dozen of 20 newcomers are from this region. The names Buenos Aires’ Barro Arte Contemporaraneo and Parker Gallery of Los Angeles is the famous ones.

This year the event will host a new sector for large-scale works that is curated by Magali Arriola and they will feature the oversized pieces and the number is around 30.


How can I get Art Basel Miami Beach tickets?

Art Basel Miami Beach tickets are available online and only Art Basel website is authorized to sell them. The cost of the day tickets is $65 and it is $45 if the person is a student and seniors. The cost for a permanent ticket is $145 for all 4 days of Art Basel Miami Beach show. Beside the website anyone can buy Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 tickets. The selling of tickets will start from 5 December 2019.


Where to stay during Art Basel Miami Beach art show?

During Art Basel Miami Beach art show the art lovers can stay in number of hotels in Miami Beach area. Those hotels are offering discounts for the visitors during the art show days. They are also offering partner rates. The famous hotels are The W south Beach, Miami Beach and Nautilus, the Standard Spa and many others. They are offering prices ranging $422 to $1650 for every night.

There are some other hotels for the Art Basel like Pestana South Beach, Marseilles Hotel and Lennox Hotel who are at lower rate and offering partner rates who will charge $349 per night.


How to buy Art Basel Miami Beach paintings

There are different options to buy Art Basel Miami Beach paintings. During the event the visitors can buy the paintings from the art galleries. This year in Art Basel Switzerland an anonymous collector paid $20 million for the great Gerhard Richter’s Versammlung. Most of the artists are expecting to sell their artwork at better price. Who are interested to buy the artworks can buy it from the exhibiting galleries.

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach 2

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach time again. The Art Basel will host 268 international art galleries in South Florida for the 2017 edition of the fair. This year we can say that dealers from 32 countries across North and South America and other places of the globe like Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa will attend the art show. This time the 16th iteration of the event from December 7—10 to showcase their wares inside a newly roomy art Convention Center.


The famous art fair remains roughly the same size as last year’s event, which hosted 269 galleries. This year, 20 first-timers famous artists have made the cut. It has included outfits from all corners of the world. It includes such as Inman Gallery of Hudson, Ricardo Camargo Galeria from São Paulo, Ceysson & Bénétière from Paris, Antenna Space from Shanghai, and Taro Nasu from Tokyo.


As in past editions of this Art Basel, exhibitors are split into a number of dedicated sections. In this year’s Positions sector, which is totally dedicated to solo booths for emerging artists. It will include a daily performance by Israel Martínez presented by Arredondo or we can say Arozarena and take-away brochures by Nicolas Ceccaldi at Real Fine Arts.


Meanwhile the art paintings at Nova—a section dedicated to new works by up to three artists will include the collective Tercerunquinto. It will paint Mexican political campaign murals that will directly be placed at the walls of Proyectos Monclova’s booth.


For the Art Basel of Miami in the Survey section, which focuses on work from before the year 2000. They will previously overlooked Modern artists will be in the spotlight. It included Willys de Castro at Henrique Feria Fine Art, David Driskell at DC Moore, and Edgardo Antonio Vigo at Richard Saltoun Gallery.